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Updated 01.2014

Od září 2013 najdete všechny novinky o Janáčkově triu na Facebooku.

Starting from September 2013 you find all the news about Janáček Trio on Facebook.

April 2013, Bethlehem Chapel, Prague 1

Ambassadors Concert Series
Janacek Trio performed in the concert of Ambassadors Concert Series. Program: J.Gemrot, L.Sluka

preparing preview from recording...

November - December 2012

Recording for Czech Radio continues
Three Nocturnos by Vojtěch Jírovec. The rare score for recording has been provided by Municipal Library of Prague.

20th June 2012

Janacek Trio performed at The Ludwig van Beethoven Music Festival Příloha
They played works by L.van Beethoven, J.B.Foerster and J.Gemrot in the completely sold out concert hall of Velké Březno Castle.

29th January 2012

New CD with Complete Piano Trios by Josef Bohuslav Foerster by SUPRAPHON ! - AUDIO
Read The Newsletter of Supraphon, you can get more information about our new CD with Complete Trios by J.B.Foerster, about recording and next plans of Janacek Trio.

25th February 2012

Concert in Hermanuv Mestec
J.Haydn, J.B.Foerster, Z. Lukas, A. Dvorak

28th January 2012

We have just recorded Piano Trio No.2 (2006) by Czech composer Jiří Gemrot for Czech Radio in Prague. - AUDIO
That is the second Piano Trio by Jiri Gemrot we have recorded till now besides Variations on the Janacek´s theme in 2010

20th December 2011

Recording of the suita On the Memory of Jaroslav Ježek by Czech composer Luboš Sluka
Janacek Trio has finished recording of the Suita On the Memory of Jaroslav Ježek by Czech composer Luboš Sluka for Czech Radio in Prague.

4th December 2011

Advent concert in Rudolfinu - VIDEO
4th December 2011 Janacek Trio performed at the Advent concert of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in the Suk Hall of Rudolfinum with works by Vojtěch Jírovec, Josef Bohuslav Foerster and Antonín Dvořák. The concert was recorded and you can listen to it on our website or you tube.

27th November 2011

We were performing in the LIVE Advent concert in the Czech televizion


25th october 2011

We performed at concerts in Denmark
Janacek Trio performed at concerts in Denmark – 20.10.2011 at a gala koncert of The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Copenhagen and on Friday 21.10.2011 in the Culture Centre Biblioteket Rentemestervej.

28th june 2011

We are recording and performing Nocturnes by Czech composer Vojtech Jirovec (1763-1850)
Nocturnes for piano, violin and violoncello by Czech composer Vojtech Jirovec.

14th april 2011

We have just finished the recording of Foerster´s Piano Trios
Janáček Trio has finished recording of the Trio complet by the Czech composer Josef Bohuslav Foerster (Trios f minor, B flat major, a minor).