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Updated 01.2014
We performed at concerts in Denmark

Janacek Trio performed at concerts in Denmark – 20.10.2011 at a gala koncert of The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Copenhagen and on Friday 21.10.2011 in the Culture Centre Biblioteket Rentemestervej.

The gala evening was organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in honor of Niels Barfoed, a Danish writer and publicist. He received the Gratias Agit price on the 14th October in Prague. Niels Barfoed was rewarded by the Czech foreign minister for his engagement in the presentation of the Czech Republic abroad. In completely full concert hall Janáček Trio performed works by Czech composers Vojtěch Jírovec (1763-1850), Jiří Gemrot (1957) and Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904). There was time to meet not only the ambasador Mr. Zdeněk Lyčka but also honored Mr.Barfoed at the after successful concert reception. One day later Janáček Trio performed at the concert in the Cultur Centre. They were welcomed again by the completely filled up concert hall and the audience could listen to the same program. The ensemble was rewarded with the long applause and Theky closed the concert with the first part of the Suite by Luboš Sluka as the encore.